Parrot Gin- Founded by Ben Cochrane

Ben has over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry working in bars & pubs around Australia & internationally in Dublin. He has watched the spirit trends changes over the years but noticed the one that remained consistent- gin. Parrot Gin has been almost 2 years in the making with Ben’s first batch in March 2017.

The construction of the distillery, located in Orange, NSW took just over a year in which the recipes were designed with a focus on using the local Australian grown ingredients.

‘Parrot Distilling Co was a passionate dream to begin with, a mere vision to create a world class product, from the absolute start to finish. With hours on hours of research into distilling styles and ingredients the dream was soon beginning to hatch into the possibility of becoming real.’

Two years later, the distillery is now up & running at a wholesale level with a new plan for 2020 to have commercial operations & their own Cellar Door all under the one roof in the centre of the town. Parrot Gin offering a craft gin as well as cellar door experience, is really complimenting the path that Orange tourism is on. 


Serving suggestions:

1. Parrot Dry (orange bottle): this is our classic flagship so our suggestion is a simple ruby grapefruit twist and tonic, but can also match with orange and soda water 

2. Parrot Foragers (green bottles): the earthy woody tones match great with a lemon twist and small rosemary sprig with tonic.

3: Parrot Uncaged (navy bottle): this is a bold gin in flavour as well as alcohol so a grapefruit twist and mint leaves to soften works great with tonic 

Grapefruit is our main garnish, but a simple and easy slice of lime with tonic or soda also carries our flavours across 


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